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The Silent Girls By: Dylan Young-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

The Silent Girls By: Dylan Young-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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Audio Books. i am HOOKED. such a clever dam app on my phone that allows me to download books - i cannot put my earphones down!    Related imageINSTANT DELIVERY OF DOWNLOAD LINK

Publisher's Summary

"'Ambulance and police. Something’s happened. I don’t know what. But my little girl, there’s blood.' A sob choked off the sentence. He took a deep, tremulous breath and finished, 'It’s my daughter....'"

When a young girl disappears on the edge of the Forest of Dean and blood is found where she was last seen, the town is terrified a killer has returned.The local police are convinced it’s the same man who stabbed a girl to death 18 years ago. They know who he is. They’re desperate to finally have the evidence they need to put him away. To save another girl before it’s too late.

Only Detective Anna Gwynne is sure he isn’t the real killer.

But Anna can’t explain how she knows.Time is ticking. He’s been hiding in plain sight. And there’s only one person who can help Anna. But that person is not just a killer.... He's a monster.

Can Anna face her fears and confront him before another girl dies?

A thriller that will leave you wanting more. If you love Val McDermid, Angela Marsons, and M. J. Arlidge, you’ll love The Silent Girls.