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Rampage:The Singular Menace, Book 3 By: John Sandford-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

Rampage:The Singular Menace, Book 3 By: John Sandford-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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Audio Books. i am HOOKED. such a clever dam app on my phone that allows me to download books - i cannot put my earphones down!    Related imageINSTANT DELIVERY OF DOWNLOAD LINK

    Publisher's Summary

    John Sandford and Michele Cook complete their New York Times best-selling thriller series in this explosive finale. Fans of James Dashner, Harlan Coben, and Suzanne Collins will love this nail-biting trilogy.

    Shay Remby and her band of renegade activists have got the corrupt Singular Corporation on the run. Their exposé is finally working. Or is it?

    Even as revelations about the human experimental subjects break in the news, Singular's employees are slithering out of sight. And then their CEO is killed in a plane crash.... Was it a freak accident? Or a cover-up?

    Shay's gang begins to see signs that there may be even more powerful figures than they knew managing events - publicly expressing outrage and mopping up the mess but secretly gathering up their scientists and moving the operation further out of sight.

    It will take nothing short of a rampage to stop the Singular menace for good....