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The Promise  Written by: Alison Bruce-AUDIOBOOK/MP3
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The Promise Written by: Alison Bruce-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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The Promise

  • Release Date:31/03/2016
  • Publisher: Audible Studios
      • Publisher's Summary

        In a single night, Kyle Davidson's life is derailed. His relationship is over, he is denied access to his young son and everything important to him is at risk. His thoughts stumble between fear and revenge. Kyle Davidson has a choice to make.

        Meanwhile, after the tragic end to a previous case, DC Gary Goodhew finds himself questioning his reasons for returning to work until the badly beaten body of a homeless man is found on Market Hill. Having known the homeless man for several years, Goodhew feels compelled to be part of the investigation - but routine lines of enquiry soon take a dark and unexpected turn.

        Suddenly the Cambridge back streets hold deadly secrets for Goodhew, and the only person who has the answers is planning one final, desperate act