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King Solomon's Curse: Wilde/Chase 13  Written by: Andy McDermott-AUDIOBOOK/MP3
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King Solomon's Curse: Wilde/Chase 13 Written by: Andy McDermott-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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King Solomon's Curse: Wilde/Chase 13

  • Release Date:05/10/2017
  • Publisher: Headline
    • Publisher's Summary

      Following on from The Midas Legacy, Andy McDermott's new Wilde and Chase audiobook sees our daring duo on the trail of a strange, ancient weapon of immense power hidden in a lost city deep in the African jungle.

      Nina Wilde is back on the hunt. Now a presenter of her own TV documentary series, Nina is in Jerusalem. Clues found at the Ark of the Covenant recovery site have led her to the ruins of the First Temple, buried beneath Temple Mount.

      Within them, Nina spots an opening to a previously hidden chamber - a map room which contains a model of a mysterious city thought to contain a great yet dangerous power hidden by King Solomon himself. Analysing the clues, Nina believes that the city is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the most dangerous locations on Earth.

      Eddie is in England with their daughter, Macy, but Nina's phone call is about to change everything. He has had his own problems in the DRC in the past and he isn't about to let Nina go there alone. Joining forces, Nina and Eddie are about to start a chain of events from which there might be no return....