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Fayroll - More Than a Game: Epic LitRPG Adventure, Book 1  Written by: Andrey Vasilyev-AUDIOBOOK/MP3 - ty's cheap DIGITAL audiobook/Etextbook
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Fayroll - More Than a Game: Epic LitRPG Adventure, Book 1 Written by: Andrey Vasilyev-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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Fayroll - More Than a Game: Epic LitRPG Adventure, Book 1

  • Release Date:07/09/2017
  • Publisher: Author's Republic
    • Publisher's Summary

      The first audiobook of a 12 part LitRPG epic series More Than a Game has captivated Russian listeners and was voted New Fantasy Book of the Year [in 2014]. Andrey Vasilyev's masterpiece More Than a Game is now at long last available to the English-speaking people. Come explore the fantasy audiobook that has captured the imagination of the Slavic world.

      Harriton Nikiforov is a binge-drinking tabloid reporter who embarks on the business trip of a lifetime, to the virtual world of Fayroll. His life will never be the same again. Before Harriton is even aware of his new reality, he has become Hagen the Warrior, determined to build up his skills, experience, and wisdom - both in the fantasy world and out. All of this for a simple article and an important client.

      Fayroll is more than an audiobook, it's a brilliant synergy of fantasy fiction and online gaming. It gives the listener the best of both worlds. One doesn't even need to be an avid gamer to enjoy it. The author thoughtfully maintains a balance between a world of heroic-fantasy in the style of RPG, with the real one and specifically avoids the use of game specific jargon. That being said, More Than a Game is bound to appeal to the seasoned gamer as well, particularly lovers of the RPG. In case you forgot, you too are now part of this virtual reality, which includes gaming stats.

      It's an inspiring novel full of action adventure and serendipitous fun. In whichever world you find yourself, you can only get what you give.

      Translated by Jared Firth, keeping close to the original text of Vasilyev's fantasy juggernaut, including cultural references adapted for the English mindset. This is especially beneficial when it comes to the author's sense of humor.

      Andrey Vasilyev's writing career began in 2013 when he had "run out of things to read." Since then, the creator of the Fayroll series has secured himself a reputation as a top author in the relatively new, yet extremely popular genre of LitRPG. A blend of sword and sorcery, cyberpunk meets sci-fi, and a heroic fantasy at the cutting edge of virtual reality.More Than a Game is highly recommended to all sorts of readers - gamers, fantasy lovers, and bookworms alike. After all, you can’t live in the 21st century and call yourself educated, while ignoring the relevance of a multi-billion dollar industry that speaks to millions of people around the world.