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How I Live Now By: Meg Rosoff-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

How I Live Now By: Meg Rosoff-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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    Publisher's Summary

    "This is a story about love.

    "It's also a story about hate, which is why I left New York in the first place. You don't fly halfway across the world to live with a bunch of people you never met, just for a laugh.

    "I guess if I'd known where it was all going to lead, I might have thought twice about stepping onto that plane. I might have worried a little more about Edmond being my cousin.

    "And me being 15.

    "But I didn't. And in the end, those things didn't matter as much as you think they would.

    "In the end, the world had bigger things to worry about than us."

    ©2005 Meg Rosoff (P)2005 Random House, Inc. Listening Library, an imprint of the Random House Audio Publishing Group

    Critic Reviews

    "This riveting first novel paints a frighteningly realistic picture of a world war breaking out in the 21st century....Like the heroine, readers will emerge from the rubble much shaken, a little wiser and with perhaps a greater sense of humanity." (Publishers Weekly)