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Total Power:Mitch Rapp, Book 19 By: Kyle Mills, Vince Flynn-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

Total Power:Mitch Rapp, Book 19 By: Kyle Mills, Vince Flynn-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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Total Power:Mitch Rapp, Book 19

Narrated by: George Guidall
Length: 9 hrs and 27 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

    Publisher's Summary

    In the next Mitch Rapp thriller, a cyber-terrorist plot pulls the plug on US power, plunging the entire country into darkness and chaos.

    Mitch Rapp captures ISIS’s top technology expert, who reveals that he was due to meet a man who insists he can take down the entire US power grid. But Rapp’s operation to seize this man fails when his target evades the trap and then ISIS operatives help the man do what he said he would - plunge the whole of America into darkness. With no understanding of how this unprecedented act was accomplished, the task of getting the power back on could take months. Perhaps even years.

    Rapp and his team embark on a desperate effort to find the man responsible so that they can interrogate him about the extent of the damage and how to repair it. But the operating environment is like nothing they’ve experienced before - computers and communications networks are down, fuel can no longer be pumped from gas stations, water and sanitation systems are on the brink of collapse and America’s supply of food is running out.