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The Singularity Trap By: Dennis E. Taylor-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

The Singularity Trap By: Dennis E. Taylor-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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The Singularity Trap

Narrated by: Ray Porter
Length: 11 hrs and 23 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

    Publisher's Summary

    Dennis E. Taylor, author of the best-selling Bobiverse trilogy, explores a whole different, darker world in this sci-fi stand-alone. Determined to give his wife and children a better life back home, Ivan Pritchard ventures to the edge of known space to join the crew of the Mad Astra as an asteroid miner. He's prepared for hard work and loneliness—but not the unthinkable. After coming into contact with a mysterious alien substance, Pritchard finds an unwelcome entity sharing his mind, and a disturbing physical transformation taking place. With his very humanity at stake, Pritchard must save mankind from a full-scale interstellar war.

    Brought to life by prolific, award-winning narrator Ray Porter, The Singularity Trap is a thrilling adventure rife with drama and action on a truly cosmic scale.