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Rogue Strike:A Jake Keller Thriller, Book 2-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

Rogue Strike:A Jake Keller Thriller, Book 2-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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Rogue Strike:A Jake Keller Thriller, Book 2

Narrated by: Jonathan Davis
Series: A Jake Keller Thriller, Book 2
Length: 12 hrs and 57 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

    Publisher's Summary

    Jake Keller finds himself in a familiar position - on the run for his life and desperate to find the shadowy figures behind a global conspiracy.

    CIA agent Jake Keller and his partner, Curt Roach, are in Yemen on an important mission. They've been tipped off to a secret meeting of top al Qaeda leaders. The plan is to interrupt the meeting with a few unexpected visitors - a pair of Hellfire missiles from an orbiting drone. But the drone stops responding to their signals and soon disappears over the horizon. When next seen, the drone is attacking innocent pilgrims in Mecca. 

    Jake and Curt are staggered. The US government is desperate to disavow this atrocity. Who better to blame than a couple of rogue CIA agents? With all the governments of the Middle East looking for them and no help from their own side, they are in a desperate race to stay ahead of the mob and find out who's actually behind the crime.