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Grandma Dowdel Trilogy by Richard Peck-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

Grandma Dowdel Trilogy by Richard Peck-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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Grandma Dowdel Trilogy

  • Read by Ron McLartyLois Smith 

    Contains the complete Newberry-winning children’s trilogy by Richard Peck.

    1998 - A Long Way From Chicago (Ron McLarty) 
    2000 - A Year Down Yonder (Lois Smith)
    2009 - A Season of Gifts (Ron McLarty)

    Each summer Joey and his sister, Mary Alice—two city slickers from Chicago—visit Grandma Dowdel’s seemingly sleepy Illinois town. Soon enough, they find that it’s far from sleepy…and Grandma is far from your typical grandmother. From seeing their first corpse (and he isn’t resting easy) to helping Grandma trespass, catch the sheriff in his underwear, and feed the hungry—all in one day—Joey and Mary Alice have nine summers they’ll never forget!