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The Star Wars Radio Drama+bonus comic bookAUDIOBOOK/MP3

The Star Wars Radio Drama+bonus comic bookAUDIOBOOK/MP3

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Audio Books. i am HOOKED. such a clever dam app on my phone that allows me to download books - i cannot put my earphones down!    Related imageINSTANT DELIVERY OF DOWNLOAD LINK

The Star Wars Radio Drama+bonus comic book of the star wars 1-8(you will need a cbr player to open comic book file)

  • Written by  
    Read by Full Cast 

    Created By : Chris Dane

    Published : 11 Dec 2017

    First, this is a not-for-profit fanmade project and no copyright infringement is intended. The script belongs to George Lucas, all characters and storylines belong to Disney and Lucasfilm. Music also belongs to Lucasfilm and was made by John Williams, Michael Giacchino, and Lucas King. Various sound effects used belong to their specific creators, which includes myself for a select few. I own only the vocal recordings.

    Secondly, to avoid any confusion, this is not Star Wars: A New Hope. This is “The Star Wars” as in George Lucas’ original script published in May of 1974. This story would eventually evolve into the saga that is so well known and beloved nowadays. So in honor of 40 years of Star Wars and the Last Jedi hitting theaters, here is my rendition of The Star Wars.

    Now for a long list of thank yous and credits! :

    Thanks to everyone who lent their voice to this project it was a massive success and I’m glad you were all a part of it!

    Cast :
    Brian Cudina - Kane Starkiller
    Bianca Kroening - Devil Five, Datos
    Sam Friedland - Grand Moff Tarkin, Imperial Officer #1
    Chelsea Nelson-Fernandez - Intercom, Aid
    Zack Alexander - Darth Vader
    Nicole Caico - Controller, Chief, Devil Four
    Gio Annatelli - Devil Two, Imperial Officer #2
    Lyndsay Crescenti - Nash, Pilot #2
    Dan Hanson - The Emperor
    Juliana Spano - Chick-One, Aide
    Greg Nugent - Trooper #1, Captain of the Guard
    Brittany McGowan - Princess Leia
    Seann Morgan - Prince Valorum, Knight of the Sith
    Maria Santana - Governor Hoedaack
    Connor Adams - Stormtroopers, Guard #2
    Hayley Marks - Attache, Medic
    Indiana Messier - Annikin Starkiller
    Danielle Dishop - Captain Montross, Commander
    Bradley Clarke - First Officer, Devil Six
    Carissa Hensyl - Coll, Captain
    Joseph Sibilia - Threepio
    Megan McGuire - Windum, Queen Breha, Beru
    Greg Lofaro - Whitsun, Sergeant
    Stephanie Ruscio - PA, Phone Voice
    Trent Campbell - Han Solo
    Jessica Ma - Deak, Dr. Bloodory
    Chris Dane - General Luke Skywalker
    Jazmine Gonzalez - Sergeant
    Ciaran Quinn - Devil Three, Guard #1
    Ryan Yin - Zavos, Officer #3
    Anthony Certa - Officer #4, Captain Prue
    Casey Reardon - Pilot Leader Navigator, Human in Bar
    Kyle Bohringer - Artwo
    Zach Grinfeld - Owen Lars, Chewbacca
    Andrew Frost - Count Sandage, Occo
    Sky Swanson - Pilot Leader, Creature in Bar
    Logan Kelly - Pilot #1, Trooper #2, General
    Andrew Akler - Antilles, Quist
    Sean Bates - Opening Narration, King Kayos
    Morgan Howell - Aquilean Doctor, Tank Pilot
    Nick Faria - “It’s a trap!” Guy