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The Worldship Humility By: R. R. Haywood-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

The Worldship Humility By: R. R. Haywood-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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The Worldship Humility

Narrated by: Colin Morgan
Length: 13 hrs and 58 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

    Publisher's Summary

    About the audiobook:

    The Worldship Humility is the start of The Code trilogy, written exclusively for audio by sci-fi author R. R. Haywood. Narrator Colin Morgan brings the colourful characters and treacherous escapades of The Worldship Humility to life, a gripping space adventure which will appeal to fans of Ready Player One, Bladerunner and Haywood’s previous best-selling works, Extracted and The Undead


    It’s been 120 years since the 50 or so worldships containing the few million survivors set off after planet Earth was destroyed by a meteor. 

    On the Worldship Humility, Sam, an Airlock Operative, is bored. Living in space should be full of adventure, except it isn’t, and he fills his time hacking 3-D movie posters. 

    Petty thief Yasmine Dufont is also from the WS Humility, but she is not bored. Growing up in the Elfors, the lawless lower levels of the ship, has seen her surrounded by violence and squalor since birth, and now she wants out. She wants to escape to the luxury of the Ab-Spa on top of WS Abstinence, where they eat real food instead of rats and synth cubes. 

    Meanwhile, the sleek-hulled, unmanned Gagarin has come back from punching out ahead of the fleet in the ever-continuing search for a new home. Nearly all hope is lost that a new planet will ever be found, until the Gagarin returns with a code of information that suggests a habitable planet has been found. This news should be shared with the whole fleet, but a few rogue captains want to keep the information to themselves and colonise the new planet. 

    When Yasmine inadvertently steals the code, she and Sam become caught up in a dangerous game of murder, corruption, political wrangling and...porridge, with sex-addicted Detective Zhang Woo hot on their heels, his own life at risk if he fails to get the code back. 

    About the author:

    R. R. Haywood is the author of Amazon UK’s number one horror series The Undead, which propelled him into the top 20 best-selling Amazon authors in the UK. Haywood is a Washington Post best-selling author and both the Undead series and the Extracted trilogy are Audible best sellers. 

    About the narrator:

    Colin's television credits include Humans, The Living and the Dead, The Fall and Merlin. His film credits include Benjamin, The Happy Prince, Legend and Testament of Youth. Theatre credits include Translations (The National Theatre); Gloria (Hampstead Theatre); Mojo (Harold Pinter Theatre); The Tempest(Shakespeare's Globe); Our Private Life (Royal Court); A Prayer for My Daughter and All About My Mother (The Old Vic).