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Starblade Chronicles(3 books) By: Joseph Delaney-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

Starblade Chronicles(3 books) By: Joseph Delaney-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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Audio Books. i am HOOKED. such a clever dam app on my phone that allows me to download books - i cannot put my earphones down!    Related imageINSTANT DELIVERY OF DOWNLOAD LINK

Starblade Chronicles(3 books)

    The Starblade Chronicles

    The Starblade Chronicles are a planned trilogy following the continued adventures of Tom Ward, who has finished his apprenticeship and is now a Spook in his own right dedicated to fighting an unparalleled evil threatening the County, and the world. However, unlike past Spooks, Tom is only seventeen, and he is met with doubt and distrust by many in the County owing to his age. Complicating matters is his interactions with Jenny; the sixteen-year-old girl who seeks to be his apprentice, notwithstanding that women have never been Spooks before. The Wardstone and Starblade Chronicles are referred to as The Spook's Series.