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Thin Air By: Richard Morgan-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

Thin Air By: Richard Morgan-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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Audio Books. i am HOOKED. such a clever dam app on my phone that allows me to download books - i cannot put my earphones down!    Related imageINSTANT DELIVERY OF DOWNLOAD LINK

    Publisher's Summary

    Richard Morgan has always been one of our most successful SF authors, with his fast-moving and brutal storylines, blistering plots and a powerful social conscience behind his work.

    And now he's back, with his first SF novel for eight years...and it promises to be a publication to remember.

    An ex-corporate enforcer, Hakan Veil, is forced to bodyguard Madison Madekwe, part of a colonial audit team investigating a disappeared lottery winner on Mars. But when Madekwe is abducted and Hakan nearly killed, the investigation takes him farther and deeper than he had ever expected. And soon Hakan discovers the heavy price he may have to pay to learn the truth.