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Nearest Night:Plague Wars Series, Book 5-AUDIOBOOK/MP3
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Nearest Night:Plague Wars Series, Book 5-AUDIOBOOK/MP3

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Audio Books. i am HOOKED. such a clever dam app on my phone that allows me to download books - i cannot put my earphones down!    Related imageINSTANT DELIVERY OF DOWNLOAD LINK

Publisher's Summary

When a friend disappears, Skull must track him down. When Spooky's family is sent to a death camp, he proposes a suicidal rescue, and only Reaper can lead it. Bogged down in a war with the rebel state of Alaska, at odds with Canada and meddling in Mexico's politics, the Unionist-controlled USA proceeds down an ugly path toward fascism, tyranny, and genocide. Politics, assassination, and propaganda form the backdrop for a race against time to rescue hundreds of dying Edens held deep within the American heartland.