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The Rational Male - Positive Masculinity, Volume 3-AUDIOBOOK/MP3-w/bonus pdf ebook

The Rational Male - Positive Masculinity, Volume 3-AUDIOBOOK/MP3-w/bonus pdf ebook

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Publisher's Summary

Positive Masculinity is the newest in a series designed to give men actionable information to build better lives for themselves based on realistic, objective understanding of intersexual dynamics. The audiobook outlines four key themes: red-pill parenting, the feminine nature, social imperatives, and positive masculinity.   

Free of today's pop-psychology pablum, "Red-Pill Parenting" is aimed at fathers (and fathers-to-be) who want more in-depth information about raising their sons and daughters in a red-pill-aware outlook. While not an instruction manual, it presents insights into developing a parenting style founded on red-pill principles and informs fathers of what they can expect their kids to encounter from a feminine-primary social order determined to "educate" them.   

"The Feminine Nature" is a collection of revised and curated essays that address the most predictable aspects of the female psyche. It outlines the evolutionary and socialized reasons for women’s most common behavioral patterns, their motives, and how men can build this awareness into a more efficient way of interacting with women accordingly.   

"The Social Imperatives" section details how the female psyche has expanded into Western (and Westernizing) cultural narratives, social dictates, and legal and political legislation. This is the feminine imperative writ large, and this section explores how feminism, women’s sexual strategy, and their primary life goals have molded our society into the gynocracy we take for granted today. Also detailed is the "women’s fempowerment" narrative and the perpetuation of blank-slate egalitarian equalism masking a form of female supremacism that has fundamentally altered Western cultures and values.   

The last section, "Positive Masculinity", is comprised of newly expanded essays that will give men an informed idea of how to define masculinity from a conventional, evolved, and rational perspective.